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How Google is speeding up the Internet

Engineers at Google have developed a new algorithm to speed up TCP, the main transport protocol for traffic on the internet, by optimizing the speed at which traffic is sent so it doesn?t clog up the available routes.

 They say their acceleration method, called bottleneck bandwidth and roundtrip (BBR) propagation time, measures the fastest way to send data across different routes and is able to more efficiently handle traffic when data routes become congested. Google is already using BBR to speed up its YouTube traffic, and last month the company made BBR available in its Google Cloud Platform. Google says implementing BBR sped up the already highly-optimized YouTube traffic by 4% on average, and as much as 14% in some countries.

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SDN: Technology to cut costs, speed new services

Software-defined networking (SDN) is defined by a decoupling of the control and packet-forwarding planes in a network, an architecture that can slash operational costs and speed the time it takes to make changes or provision new services.

Since all the intelligence resides in software ? not baked into monolithic specialty hardware ? customers can replace traditional switches with commodity devices to save on capital costs. SDN also makes it possible for the network to interface with applications directly via APIs to improve security and application performance.

So what is SDN?

Traditional networks are made up of devices with integrated control and data-forwarding planes so each box needs to be configured and managed independently. Because of this, even simple changes to the network can take weeks or even months to complete because the changes have to be made to each device. This was acceptable when network changes were typically made independently from business changes.

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Cisco brings its SDN to Amazon, Microsoft and Google?s public cloud

Today Cisco announced it is developing a way to integrate its software defined networking product named Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) with public cloud infrastructure from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

By extending ACI from the data center to the public cloud, Cisco is making it easier for customers to manage a hybrid network that spans both environments. Having common network management across this hybrid environment allows customers to implement fine-grained security policies and manage applications across both, Cisco says.

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Network vulnerability analysis 101: Free online training

If you?re wondering whether your network is vulnerable or not, you haven?t been paying attention ? everybody?s is. This free online course shows what it takes to effectively conduct network vulnerability assessments and analysis that will help you keep the hackers at bay.

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